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For long have stationery users in India had to do with products straight out of an archaic assembly line. We have had to carry products unimaginatively designed and inconsistent in quality.

School and College goers too have had to make do with plain notebooks, all too ready to crack and bend with the first signs of use. The choice available to executives too has been more or less restricted. Compare this with stationery products available internationally where stationery making has evolved into an art form. Selecting stationary there is an enjoyable exercise with personalized choices available for every need and objective.

IPP® (, a leading manufacturer of stationery to private labels internationally, aims to fill this gap with own-brand imaginatively designed and carefully crafted stationery products catering to lifestyle and education. From notebooks to subject books, from writing pads to note pads, from reminder notes to tape pads, an extensive range has been created to please the senses.

Called PAPERISTO®, this new line of premium stationery has a unique personality of its own. The word PAPERISTO® is from 'Esperanto', the international language. It means ‘paper-maker’, and it denotes the move from the unimaginative approach to stationery items we use in our everyday lives to the bright, modern and liberating world of PAPERISTO® stationery, where stationery items of daily use are a means of living the good life. PAPERISTO® is planned for ease of use and convenience.

PAPERISTO® is the brand as well as the logo, and is designed so that its modern, youthful and aesthetic attributes become apparent. It can be reproduced in different colour combinations, textures and substrates, while maintaining the salient attributes of the brand.

For those, who love the feel of good stationery and get inspired by it, PAPERISTO® offers an extensive range. While many of the more popular products are available at stores near you, a range of coloring and activity books have been launched recently.

Our range is exclusive, innovative and design-led. The collections are constantly changing yet all are specified to our high quality requirements.

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5 Subject Notebook Hardcase Notebook Conference Pads Soft Cover Wiro
6 Subject Notebook Hardcase Blank Book Writing Pads Soft Cover Spiral
PP 5 Subject Wiro Notebook Hardcase Wiro Notebook Note Pads Reminder Notes
Flexi Wiro Notebook Hardcase Executive Notebook Tape Pads Colouring Books